Josh Rutner

saxophonist, editor, indexer, etc.


Josh Rutner is a jazz saxophonist and academic editor/indexer living in Beacon, NY.

As an academic editor, Josh has worked with some of the finer researchers, thinkers, and writers in the humanities. He prides himself on providing drum-tight edits in a gentle and lighthearted style. 

He is a co-founder of The Respect Sextet, a long-standing institution of jazz and improvisation, called by Signal to Noise magazine “one of the best and most ambitious new ensembles in jazz.”

As a leader, Josh heads up a number of varied musical ensembles, including TEETH (saxophone trio), G'hoktasaurus (klezmer repertory band), The Twelve Gates (gospel repertory band), and Defense Mechanisms (jazz repertory band).

On New Year's Day 2016, Josh released his first album under his own name, entitled Rockabye BattleshipIn addition to some pieces by him, there are compositions by György Ligeti, Randy Newman, Thelonious Monk, Eddie Harris, Marcy Playground, Brian Wilson, Michael Moore, and Eric Biondo.

He has collaborated and recorded with new music ensembles such as Ensemble Signal, and, as a sideman, is a member of several other ensembles, including Sarah and the Stanleys, HappyFunSmile, and Salo

While currently on hold, Josh at one time produced a weekly podcast—Josh Rutner's Album of the Week—which spotlights great albums from across space, time, and genre: a well-crafted "nudge in the ribs" about some great stuff. Visit the episode list and dig in!